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Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP) Natural Gas Conference

IBP’s annual Natural Gas Conference is now in its 18th year and has gained a reputation as one of the main forums for discussion of issues facing natural gas development in the country. It brings together key players in the natural gas industry to debate challenges and identify solutions.

Participants will find a unique opportunity to meet stakeholders, discuss industry prospects, technological advances, policy changes and business opportunities at a challenging time for Brazil’s overall business environment. The event encourages the kind of networking that helps drive new projects and partnerships, facilitating the creation of important strategic alliances in a fast changing business world.

Participants include specialists in all segments of the natural gas industry: producers, distributors of natural gas, companies involved in the goods and services supply chain, consultants, government and academic experts as well as engineers and economists, including many participants at the management level.

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