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International Dialogue on Sustainable Resources



Efficient use of natural resources will power sustainable growth and bring high value investment to resource-rich nations. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) will launch in November the first of a series of international business dialogues with policy-makers on innovation in the use of resources for growth. On November 12 in Brasilia, the Chamber will officially launch the International Dialogue on Sustainable Resources. The inaugural conference, in partnership with the Government of Brazil, local and international organizations, will report the outcomes to the G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue in Saudi Arabia as well as other key international policy forums.


International Dialogue on Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Economic Policy in partnership with the Ministry of Environment

November 11, 2019
Location: Brasilia


The Chamber will officially launch the International Dialogue on Sustainable Resources. This conference, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, will convene business leaders, policy-makers, international organizations, and experts to discuss approaches to greater resource efficiency and sustainable economic development addressing the following topics:

  • Sustainable use of Natural Resources
  • Capital Markets and Green Financing
  • The Circular Economy in Developing Markets
  • Sustainable Trade Drivers

Preliminary Agenda

Opening: Global Initiative on Resource Efficiency and Sustainability

The Opening session will address global business and policy trends on resource efficiency and how they generate business and societal value.

In conversation with H.E. Ricardo Salles, Minister of Environment, Federative Republic of Brazil

Session I – From Resource Curse to Resource Blessing: Enabling Resource Efficiency in Emerging Markets

This interactive session will feature experts and representative(s) from multilateral institutions to discuss the latest thinking, trends and approaches on sustainable use of natural resources from across the world and applications for emerging markets, followed by a conversation with leading private sector executives.

Session II – From Natural Capital to Capital Markets: Financing Sustainable Investment in Latin America

This session will explore global capital markets and the growing financial sector for green and sustainable bonds. It will discuss what conditions are required to invest in Latin America and provide recommendations in accessing global markets for sustainable growth.

Session III – Trading Sustainable Goods and the Circular Economy

This session will debate specific challenges presented by trade and its impact on the circular economy, the latest models of corporate action to reduce waste and loss, and ways to achieve sustainable yields and address growing global demand.

Closing and Reception: Review of Outcomes & Where Do We Go From Here?

The closing remarks will review major conference outcomes to be incorporated into Working Papers on each thematic area addressed, as well as discuss next steps in the dialogue among the stakeholders and the G20 conference.

Expected Conference Outcomes

The Conference will serve as a platform for discussions to address priority topics and challenges on efficient and sustainable uses of natural resources for national development, and to exchange experiences among stakeholders in Latin America.

  1. Sharing of resource-efficient solutions to support national development policies.
  2. Promote sustainable economic policies that take into account environmental benefits and costs.
  3. Country governments commit and institutionalize public dialogues on sustainable growth. Produce a Working Paper on topic and thematic area addressed to use as agenda for continued dialogue with governments and global initiatives.
  4. Generate exchanges and facilitate regional learning, feeding into the Global Business Coalition and B20.




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