President Dilma Rousseff addresses CNI's 2013 National Industry Conference

2014 Scientific Mobility Program student orientation hosted by BUSBC

H.E. Minister Antonio Henrique Pinheiro Silveira, Brazil's Ministry of Ports speaking on "Brazil’s New Legal Framework for Ports"

Cargill Incorporated Executive Chairman of the Board and BUSBC Board Chair Greg Page at the Brazil Forum Luncheon event featuring Attorney General of Brazil Luis Adams

Brazil Forum Luncheon featuring Attorney General of Brazil Luis Adams 

U.S. Chamber Americas VP Jodi Bond signs MOU with APEXBrasil President Mauricio Borges on behalf of BUSBC

U.S. Brazil Council and the Global Intellectual Property Center host a panel discussion on intellectual property and the 2014 World Cup

Brazil's Minister of Ports Antonio Henrique Pinheiro Silveira (second from left) participates in Brazil Forum Series on Brazil's new legal framework for ports 

President Dilma Rousseff, National Confederation of Industry (CNI) president Robson Andrade, and ministers gather during CNI's 2013 National Industry Conference (ENAI)

Brazilian Socialist Party presidential candidate Marina Silva's campaign advisor Mauricio Rands gives a talk during the special Brazil Forum Series event "Meet the Campaign Advisors" at the U.S. Chamber in September 2014

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