Welcome to the Brazil - U.S. Business Council

The Brazil-U.S. Business Council is the premier business advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening the economic and commercial relationship between the two countries. 
The U.S. Section of the Council represents the major U.S. companies invested in Brazil and operates under the administrative aegis of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, maintaining independent policy formulation and membership. 

The Brazil Section is managed by the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI), composed of the 27 Brazilian state-level federations of industry.

President Dilma Rousseff
at the 3rd Brazil-U.S. Business Summit (June 2015)
Program of Work

The Program of Work identifes the key policy areas that the Council addresses throughout the year and highlights the initiatives that thecouncil plans to pursue.

The unifying mission of the Council is to protect, maintain, and advance trade and investment between the United States and Brazil through free trade, free market, and free enterprise.


Council membership offers high-level services, including exclusive access to meetings and events, executive business intelligence, communications tools, and council advocacy for member issues and priorities. 
Working in conjunction with our partners in both countries, including the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI), American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil (AmCham Brazil), U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum, Brazil Industries Coalition, and others, the council forges consensus between the two private sectors and communicates to both governments with a unique bilateral voice.
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